VPW Commercial Series BCMS Charger

• Innovative Safety Features

• Flexible & Scalable to the Needs of Your Operation

• Cloud Based Data Capture & Storage, Adding Intelligence Fleet Management

VPW’s Commercial Series introduces a revolutionary new family of commercial charging systems, which minimize risk and take the complexity out of managing your fleet of batteries, large or small. Choose your model based on your power needs, the Venom Commercial Series Battery Charging Management System (BCMS) Pro or Ultra. Proudly designed and built in the USA, these systems are packed with innovative features centered on a modular and scalable rack mounted design allowing the system to grow with your operation.

With safety in mind the Venom Commercial Series offers:

  • Four uniquely designed and isolated charging bays built from heavy gauge steel
  • Full extension drawer glides for smooth, stable operation and easy battery access
  • Each charger bay latches into the chassis of the charger and is coupled to an internal manifold system with heavy duty scavenging fans
  • Integrated temperature sensors and adjustable shutdown parameters in each bay help stop a catastrophic event before it occurs

With the Venom Commercial Series Battery Charging & Management Systems (BCMS), catastrophic battery events are contained and exhausted to an external location, minimizing impact to its surroundings. Link multiple systems and control them seamlessly via the robust, yet easy to use web application allowing you to simultaneously and seamlessly charge as many batteries as your fleet requires. Scaling of systems couldn’t be easier with simple plug and play setup.

When used in conjunction with Venom Commercial Series Lithium Batteries, the systems unlock their true potential:

  • 1-touch charging via auto-sensing technology
  • Capture of all data points required for increased battery safety
  • Lifecycle maintenance, and compliance reporting.
  • Full lifecycle capture of all charge and discharge cycles including battery temperatures, voltages, internal resistance, current, depth of discharge and much more
  • Actionable feedback on battery health, historical usage, and even notify users of potential faults and failures before they happen.

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Venom Commercial Rack Server


Commercial Charger Modular

Built to suit a near endless variety of applications, limited only by your imagination, the Venom Commercial Series Battery Charging Management Systems were designed to fit in a standard 19-inch width server rack and have a height of 6U (6 rack space). Install in a mobile command center for use on location or in a standard server rack for use at operation headquarters; the options are endless.


Commercial Charger Scalable

Managing a growing fleet of batteries presents many unique challenges. The Venom Commercial Series BCMS (Battery Charging Management System) makes this progression effortless. Link multiple units together and control each simultaneously through a single intuitive application interface. Charging and maintaining a large number of batteries has never been easier.


Commercial Charger Safe and Secure

Safety is one of the most overlooked aspects of battery management and the Venom Commercial Series BCMS provides innovative safety features to protect you and your operation. The unique fire resistant battery bays are capable of withstanding the tremendous forces of a catastrophic battery event and are collectively coupled to exhaust any fumes that may build up to an outside location. Each bay is also outfitted with a thermally conductive battery tray and built-in temperature sensors to terminate the charge process should the user definable threshold be exceeded.


Commercial Charger Seamless Integration

For application flexibility the Venom Commercial Series Battery Charging and Management Systems can be tailored to your specific needs. From varying charge rate needs, varying access to input power including 110V or 240V, to varying budget constraints, we can fine-tune the system to your operation. Our battery tray system also allows for seamless integration with today’s most popular UAV batteries and custom trays can be designed to your exact specifications.


Get the most from your battery and charging systems by pairing the Commercial Series (BMS) Battery with the Commercial Series Charger. Designed and built to not only complement one another, but the pairing will also complement your daily operations making you more efficient, safer, and add to your bottom line.


Commercial Charger Ultimate

Designed for beginners to advanced users alike, the Venom BCMS software offers immense control in tailoring the application to your specific needs. Features include full adjustability of charging parameters and reporting functionality while integrated battery serialization and inventory management tools further simplify use. Anonymized data drives fine-tuning of predictive analytics models while continual integration of user feedback sets the Venom Commercial Series BCMS software apart as a trailblazer in battery fleet management applications.

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