Intelligent Batteries

• Advanced Battery Management with 8MB EEPROM
• Advanced Protection &  Safety Features
• Accurate State of Charge Monitoring and Reporting






Venom Commercial Batteries

With the new Commercial Series line of batteries Venom is proud to bring you the most advanced battery management system available. Features including real-time fault detection and battery lockout protocol aid in bringing transparency to battery health while also providing actionable feedback to extend battery life and increase safety. Ruggedized to withstand the rigors of use in unmanned platforms and designed with over a decade of experience in battery development, Venom is a name you can trust when safety and reliability matters.



With 8MB of built-in EEPROM data capture we give you control of key battery diagnostics over the entire life of the pack while I2C and CAN bus flight controller interfacing gives you real-time control. Live monitoring and transmission of important use metrics, predefined and user adjustable fault settings as well as battery lockout protocol help to prevent failure before it happens. Tested to UN38.3, IEC 62133-2 and FCC by MET laboratories, a highly recognized third party U.S. based testing facility as well as conforming to ASTM F3005-14A. Rest assured, the Venom Commercial Series batteries are some of the safest batteries available.



Capture and store KPIs including remaining capacity, state of charge, cell voltage, pack voltage, current draw, cell temperatures and faults. Post flight, the Venom Commercial Series BCMS (Battery Charging & Management System) transforms the captured data into actionable health statistics, which are also stored and accessible over the life of the battery. The five LED indicators on each Venom Commercial Series battery ensure you always know the battery’s current state of charge and will also blink to warn you of recent faults or enabled lockout protection.



When used in conjunction with the Venom Commercial Series BCMS (Battery Charging & Management System), you can finally streamline charging, maintenance and management of your battery fleet. No matter if you’re using 4 or 400 batteries, you will have instant access to all collected information, allowing easy cataloging, review and reporting of the entire fleet.

Why VPW?

VPW has a successful 16-year history sourcing, designing and manufacturing rechargeable batteries for a wide variety of commercial customers and market segments. As a leading supplier of the Venom brand of hobby and UAS high performance batteries, we are uniquely qualified to serve the OEM and UAV Industry.

VPW has built an international and robust infrastructure allowing for quick development of battery and charging solutions of any size, scope, and chemistry. With employees located in both the US and China we work virtually 24/7 to speed products to market.


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